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queen of europe

Video intervention 071 Production year 2002/4
video installations multiscreen, different dimension, loop autorepeat 30'
Paolo Ravalico Scerri ©
ravalico scerri project, supported by: world wide web art / european culture project

Queen of Europe Installation
: with n° 5 screen

Every video During 32' everyone - Every video have 1 sound , The global sound is the total effect (global audio effect).

From an idea on the association and peaceful co-existence of the peoples of Europe; an anthem to the Europe which is emerging from the charter of the European citizens' rights in the new European Constitution. An elderly lady roams freely in the park of a castle; inner glances and panoramic recollections..; A symbolic journey amidst the memories and dreams of a sovereign, an ironic invitation, a plea, or a fantastical reminder of when people lived, or will live, united in a single "realm", respecting the ethnic, religious, cultural and sexual differences of individuals ... A female soprano voice sings, binding various scenes. The past and the future are mixed together; reality and political utopia overlap ... The main location is the park of Miramare Castle near Trieste, visited by the elderly lady, the former Queen. It consists of a fanciful and unreal journey between the past and the future; Or is it a marvellous new Europe? The King slowly observes.... The Young Queen appears on the site of the greenhouse of the Botanic Gardens in Belfast. Maybe Europe has fresh hope.
Inner glances and panoramic recollections ... a female voice sings (Laura Antonaz, soprano - the Queen) binds various scenes. Alastair MacLennan (artist from Belfast - the King) plays the part of the King and slowly observes. The chief character (the Queen Mother) is Maria Scerri, grandmother of the artist Paolo Ravalico Scerri. The past and the future are mixed together.