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Mr Butterfly

Video intervention 078 Production year 2005
video installations multiscreen, different dimension, 8’26” loop autorepeat

Paolo Ravalico Scerri ©
ravalico scerri project, supported by: world wide web art / european culture project




PRESS INFO first screening

Artistic Director Francesco Bonami
Curator Sarah Cosulich Canarutto

locations : Villa Manin, Passariano – Codroipo (UD) opening: sat 26 november 2005 18:00 pm
exhibition title Mr. Butterfly
free interpretaction from the Puccini opera’s
video installations multiscreen, different dimension, 8’26” loop autorepeat 2005
Direction, conception and production Paolo Ravalico Scerri
Players: Giorgio Giorgetti, PaoloRavalico Scerri, Lorenzo Michelli, Furio Ogrisi, Mauro Celussi and special guest tenore Andrea Fusari .

with the contribute of NUOVA ICONA Venezia

"The music from the acclaimed opera by Puccini can be made out, even though strangely altered, from the male voice playing the famous part of Madame Butterfly.
This reversal of roles is the first of many transformations that Paolo Ravalico Scerri has performed on the music, content and iconography. By contrast to Puccini’s opera, the artist’s video installation renounces a linear narrative and instead consists of fragments that are free interpretations of particular moments in the storyline. His work consequently becomes a story with neither beginning nor end, an ensemble of metaphors and questions about the theme of love and spirituality.

Sailing through the beautiful islands of Croatia, a group of young men go through a symbolic exploration process which is simultaneously a poetic expression of emotion and a journey in search of identity. Idyllic images of the vastness of the sea and transience of the sky alternate with scenes that recall the history of art or mythology. All the actors play more than one part, interweave their actions and create a dialogue of individual voices that are united in a chorus in the aria of Mister Butterfly. The artist thus becomes the director of a sophisticated theatrical work which unravels, in the individual expressions of the protagonists, the desire of man to express emotion. The destinies of these young men represent many moments of a single act, many parts of a sole desire: that of liberating the world from stereotypes, of reversing rules and conventions to listen to theuniversality of the hymn to love." Sarah Cosulich Canarutto