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free interpretaction from the Bohéme Puccini opera’s video for web only demo / video installation loop
special thanks: Fergus Martin / Dublin , Vittorio Urbani / Nuova Icona Venice, Tanya Kiang / Gallery of photograpy Dublin , Mario Casanova / CACT bellinzona.


video intervention 081 Production year 2007 by Paolo Ravalico Scerri © -
ravalico scerri project, supported by: world wide web art / european culture project


Paolo Ravalico Scerri collected material during a trip to Ireland and a stay there in 2003-4, creating a video that he edited a few years later.... BOHÈME (2007) is a triptych projected in one channel for this exhibition. A self-portrait shot in Dublin, a sort of artist’s diary – once again intimistic – shot inside a home (the artist Fergus Martin’s Georgian style studio), a trace left by the traveller in thought and senses that is a fair description of the artist, in general, who likes to use images to tell us about his mnemonic thinking. Mario Casanova [Translation Pete Kercher]