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vide intervention 088 paolo ravalico scerri, 2008

The two-channel video work entitled L’ISOLA (THE ISLAND) (2008), was shot outdoors: in the countryside and on the coast of the Isle of Wight, surrounded by luxuriant English vegetation. The result is a nature walk that undergoes transformation into a video poem.

There is something magical and cathartic in his artistic language, in the sensual way he has of using the medium of video, in his habit of brushing up against nude bodies. Paolo Ravalico Scerri manages to free the human and spiritual dimension that is too often sealed up inside the body; he reveals the internal beauty and magic that are frequently concealed between the pernicious deviances often expressed by contemporary artists with their works. Ravalico Scerri manages to be poetic, sublime, rational and emotional, beautiful and delicate.

Mario Casanova
[Translation Pete Kercher]